Tumble Dryers

Tumble dryers are a useful addition to any household – but only when they’re used safely. With the recent safety notice issued for 4.5 million Hotpoint, Creda, Indesit, Proline and Swan appliances (and only 810,000 confirmed repairs) there’s never been a better time to brush up on tumble dryer safety and learn what to look out for.

Tumble Dryer Safety

Safety First

  • Always register a new appliance with the manufacturer. That way you can be contacted easily if a safety recall is required. While the chances of a faulty product causing serious damage are small, the risk is still there and returning a faulty product or ordering its repair is very easy to do. To register all your appliances, regardless of age, visit Register My Appliance.
  • Use electrical safety first websites online checker to see if you have any recalled electrical items.
  • If you’re concerned about fitting a new tumble dryer yourself, ask a qualified electrician.

Safe Maintenance

  • Clean out lint and fluff from the filter and around the door after every use.
  • Watch out for scorching or burn marks, and check for loose or worn wires.
  • Have your dryer serviced annually by a qualified engineer.

 Safe Use

  • Never overload – take large or bulky items such as duvets to the dry-cleaners.
  • Always allow each drying programme, including the “cool down cycle”,  to complete fully.
  • Don’t stop the dryer before the end of the cycle unless all items are quickly removed and the door is left open to dissipate heat.
  • Leave clothes contaminated with combustible substances such as solvents, grease, oils or fats out of tumble dryers.
  • Don’t leave dryers, dishwashers and washing machines on overnight. If possible, unplug or switch off appliances at the socket overnight and when going out to avoid the risk of an electrical fault causing a fire.

Tumble Dryer Safety Notice

A safety notice has been issued for Hotpoint, Indesit, Swan, Proline and Creda tumble dryers manufactured between April 2004 and September 2015 due to a risk of fire caused by fluff coming into contact with the heating elements.

If you believe you have an affected appliance please stop using it immediately and visit one of these websites to confirm and arrange a free visit from an engineer:

Creda and Proline customers should visit https://safety.hotpoint.eu

Freephone hotline at 0800 151 0905

Statement from Whirlpool (The owner of the affected brands):

“We are activating an extensive consumer outreach and service action plan in order to provide our consumers with products that are updated to higher safety and quality standards. We will arrange a visit from an engineer, free of charge, to modify your appliance. The service call will take approximately one hour. The improvements we believe are necessary will further enhance the safety and quality of your dryer.

Trading Standards confirmed, following an internal review by independent experts, that the modification programme remains the most effective way of resolving this issue. As a result, we will continue with our efforts to provide consumers with a free of charge modification as quickly as possible. Trading Standards have also notified us that updated usage advice should be communicated to affected consumers. If your tumble dryer is affected by this issue then you should unplug it and do not use it until the modification has taken place.”

Hiskins Electrical strongly advise that anyone who discovers they have an electrical item that has been recalled should stop using it until it has been checked by the manufacturer.